Prism EDC: A flagship EDC to manage any study

Prism® is a fully integrated clinical data solution with clinical trial management functionality that provides both standard data handling capabilities and value-added tools for managing clinical trials.  It offers more than just electronic data collection, it aggregates and manages data from a number of clinical data sources:


  • eCOA and ePRO – Prism’s incorporation with Mobile Health, PRA Health Science’s mobile health platform, provides a single solution for collecting subject data directly from trial participants and care givers
  • Remote medical devices –  Integration with Care Innovations, PRA’s mobile device platform, gives Prism access to broad range of home devices used to monitor subject health
  • eSource – Prism’s eSource feature facilitates the collection of clinical trial data directly from the subject’s electronic medical record
  • External sources – whether data is coming from a central laboratory, inventory management system or IXRS, Prism has the resources for interoperability.

Monitor Anywhere at Any Time

With Prism’s zero footprint solution, there is no software to install or maintain by users. Users can successfully utilize Prism via a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone and it is compatible with all modern browsers.  With this design, researchers can closely monitor and manage their study data easily and effectively anytime and anywhere!

Prism’s features include:


  • Laboratory Management - allows users to combine and compare data from multiple laboratories. Prism automatically assigns the test units and normal ranges appropriate for each laboratory and converts all data to standard international (“SI”) units for review and analysis.
  • On-Demand Datasets - converts all study data, including key metadata, to SAS and Excel formats nightly and on-demand and posts to a secure web portal for sponsor review.
  • Central Laboratory/External Data Transfers - Prism will accept external data transfers, such as central laboratory data, allowing all patient data to be available in one database. Resulting datasets will contain the lab results in the reported units and in SI units.
  • Integrated J-Review Ad Hoc Reporting - allows users to mine their clinical trial data from ongoing studies. This robust tool, used extensively by the FDA, also offers numerous graphing options and the ability to export data in a variety of formats.




  • Project Management Portal — facilitates communication and document exchange among all the project stakeholders, enabling process improvements, quick problem resolution and increased investigator satisfaction.
  • Electronic Health Record Integration — Prism incorporates the newly developed standard for integration with Electronic Health Records (EHR) and has already demonstrated its ability to display eCRFs within multiple EHR systems, pre-populate the forms with subject data already in the system and import the data back into Prism.  All of Prism’s features, including patient enrollment and query management are available within the EHR system. This creates enormous efficiencies for clinical trials and pharmacovigilance. 

We're here for you. 24/7. 365

Prism customer support is provided 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. The help desk supports both phone calls and email questions from Prism users. Our support personnel use a robust tracking and escalation process that ensures every request receives the attention necessary for resolution. The help desk is staffed by internal employees located in the United States and callers always reach a live person, never an automated service or voicemail.

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