Nextrials flagship solution is Prism® – a fully integrated clinical trial management and EDC product that provides both standard data management functionality and value-added tools for clinical trial management.

Prism® combines ease-of-use with innovative features to provide a fresh solution for the collection and management of clinical trial data. Prism® is the only EDC application that incorporates innovative features including

  • flexible inventory management
  • comprehensive lab data management
  • interactive subject screening and patient randomization
  • integrated safety data management and serious adverse event reporting
  • real-time project management status alerts, and
  • business intelligence functionality.

Prism® has been designed to anticipate the needs of a study – to see beyond data entry and query management and to look for ways to transform raw data into real time information.

Prism® allows trial sponsors to manage a project and see current data and results in real time – accelerating data review, cleaning and analysis processes of clinical research projects.

Prism® significantly improves all aspects of the clinical trial process, eliminating delays in study start-up, facilitating patient enrollment, providing clean, timely data for ongoing analysis, and accelerating data lock and analysis.


Proven Success

Prism® provides faster access to cleaner data including metrics and reporting to better manage your trial. View Prism® Presentation