Prism: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently requested facts and figures.

Q: How long will it take to design our study database?
A:  Start-up timelines depend on the complexity of the database and sponsor timeliness of their review. Typically, from initiation of work to going “live” with the study, takes about 8 weeks.

Q: Typically, how clean is the data for an ongoing study?
A:  99.9% clean.

Q: Can Prism® help us resolve queries more quickly?
A:  35% of all queries in Prism® are resolved in less than 48 hours.   85% are resolved in less than 4 weeks.

Q: What if we periodically want the data in-house for analysis?
A:  Data is converted every night to a data transport file and transported to a secure website for you to download.

Q: Can we add CRFs and reports to the system in the middle of a project?
A:  Yes, studies often change in progress.   Prism® has been designed to accommodate the realities of research.


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