Broad Support for Clinical Research

Prism was developed by Nextrials and launched in 2000.  In 2016, Prism was acquired by PRA Health Sciences and incorporated with PRA’s other software assets to create a unified clinical software solution.  Before being acquired by PRA, Prism had been used by over 50 sponsors at over 2,300 sites on over 140 studies in almost 40 countries.


The duration of studies has ranged from 3 months to more than 7 years.  The large majority of sponsors have been biopharmaceutical companies though roughly 10% have been medical device and diagnostic companies.  Prism has always been a good fit for Phase II studies though it has been deployed in all phases of clinical research.


Prism is used across a diverse range of studies

The idea for Prism originated in Genentech’s Herceptin program and it was designed from the beginning to be capable of handling complex oncology studies.  While the majority of Prism studies have been oncology, it has been used across a diverse number of indications. 

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